Working with Colleagues

Medical students need to be able to work effectively with colleagues inside and outside of healthcare in order to deliver a high standard of care and to ensure patient safety.

Doctors and students must develop skills to work in multi-disciplinary teams. This involves respecting the skills and contributions of colleagues and other professionals, and developing effective communication with other members of the team and with patients.

It is also important that doctors and students protect patients from harm posed by another colleague’s behaviour, performance or health. They should take steps to raise any concerns with the appropriate person.

In order to demonstrate that they are fit to practice, students should:

1. Demonstrate skills that allow them to deal with uncertainty and change in the workplace

2. Be able to work effectively in a team and to take on different roles as appropriate, including taking responsibility for tasks

3. Develop and demonstrate teamwork and leadership skills

4. Be aware of the roles and responsibilities of other people involved in delivering healthcare

5. Respect the skills and contributions of colleagues and other professionals and not unfairly discriminate against them

6. Raise concerns about overall practice in a healthcare setting or about colleagues, including other students, medical practitioners and other healthcare workers, with the appropriate person  if patients are at risk


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