Are professors important in Medical School?

“Teaching has never been perceived as important as clinical work and research, teaching has always been an added-on task, rather than an integral part of a doctor’s role in a teaching hospital,”- Medscape.

Successful lecturers try to do 2 things: present concepts with interesting examples and metaphors.

The average medical lecturer has none of the emotional leverage to apply to his or her nodding listeners that Osler, Roosevelt, and Churchill had. Accordingly, the busy, overwhelmed students and practitioners usually find it difficult to listen to every lecturer that addresses them. In fact, while most members of the audience want to learn medicine, the wide ranging of facts that are often delivered by the speaker are commonly more than the listener’s brain can receive and store for future use. It is not the speaker’s fault, nor is it the listener’s fault. The brain was simply not designed for such a barrage of words, even if they are strung together by an expert.

For years, junior and senior medical students have expressed relief when they reflect on their experience in the first 2 years of medical school. They often say they are sick and tired of lectures. I always point out that teaching basic science is difficult when the students are not planning to be basic scientists. Hence blaming a teacher for the lecture is absurd.

So, we must bury our pride away in the depths of our white coat pockets and begin year prepared to take our place at the bottom of the poll, to do what no one else wants to, to be lost, confused, yelled at, to fail repeatedly and to feel stupid all the time.

As famous muslim scholar, Imam Ja’fer as-Sadiq (peace be upon him) reminds us,

“Your teacher has the right over you that you should honor him and pay him respect in different assemblies. You should be very attentive to his words. You should not raise your voice above his. You should not converse with others in his presence, and you should allow people to benefit from his knowledge.”


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