How to gain confidence to examine a patient?

Examining the human body is a privilege, and an intimate act that truly distinguishes medical professionals from any other profession on earth.Realize first and foremost that good exam skills take years to develop.

Recognizing the manifestations of that disease and applying what you have seen before is the ultimate goal.For example, liver cirrhosis can manifest with many subtle physical exam findings. If you synthesize and apply the knowledge you learn from examining several hundred patients with cirrhosis, I promise that by the end of medical school you will be able to accurately diagnose liver cirrhosis without any laboratory or diagnostic imaging help! Cultivating your physical diagnosis skills will serve you throughout your career.

Alternatively, practice your physical exam skills on a friend or family member. Another suggestion is to focus your examination skills on a single organ system at a time.Try to read several pages of a physical diagnosis book and apply what you have learned the next day.

Finally, you owe it to yourself and to your patients to be honest. There is nothing wrong with prefacing a physical exam by stating humbly that you are a medical student doctor and that you are learning skills that will make you a great doctor.


About mdmedicine

Medical student. Interested in learning and promoting medical field.
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